Liz with Mandi and Brandi Liz with Mandi and Brandi Brandi Just goofing around 190447505 Liz and Brandi Brandi all ready to go to her senior prom 190447504 Mandi and Brandi The girls having s'mores at youth camp. 190447509 Youth camp Heather, Susan Jett, (co captain) Sheila, Liz, Ophelia Paige,(co-captain) Brandi, Katie, Mandi, Laura 190447503 Liz and Mandi Enjoying time together after we got back from our vacation in Florida. 190447506 Mandi and Liz This picture was taken just three days before Liz passed away. The girls had just served lunch at Liz's cousin Kathryn's bridal shower. 190447507 Lil Scrappers Mandi at her scrapbook store. 2001 190447508