Awash In Forgiveness

Who We Are

We are Jeff and Becki
We are parents celebrating the life of our daughter.
Elizabeth Kinsey Reiser
                March 20, 1983 to May 23, 2000

On the evening of May 23, Liz and her friend, Brandi attended a choir banquet and then went to a local video store to rent a couple movies to watch when they got to Brandi's house.

While at the video store they were approached by a man that asked if he could get a ride home.

The nightmare begins.

Why Us?

We have asked the question "why us?" so many times, and yet we have no real answer. One of the possible answers could be that God had been preparing us for such a time as this.

Our desire:

Our purpose is to help those dealing with tragedy and grief to see that you can survive.